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At Water Tech, Inc., we understand the critical role water treatment plays in every industry. For facilities depending on water treatment, Water Tech seeks to provide unmatched reliability through the use of top notch equipment support, and installation.

We redefine excellence in water treatment by providing you with state-of-the-art equipment that ensures unparalleled efficiency. With Water Tech, Inc., you’re not just investing in equipment; you’re investing in the future of your water treatment processes.

With Water Tech, Inc., you can avoid costly plant shutdowns and maintain compliance while maximizing operational efficiency.

Water Treatment Equipment to Meet Your Needs

Elevate your water treatment process with our state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring superior quality and energy efficiency. This equipment allows you to address diverse water treatment needs with our range of equipment designed to optimize water quality and reduce energy consumption.

Equipment Solutions

We offer a wide array of water treatment equipment solutions, including:

Chemical Mix & Feed Equipment

Enhance your boiler, cooling, and wastewater applications, achieve accurate chemical dosing, minimize waste, and improve system performance.

Control Equipment

Our control equipment is tailored to your boiler, cooling, and wastewater needs, giving you precise control and monitoring, ensuring optimal water treatment efficiency.

Maintenance Services

Keep your feed and control equipment operating at peak performance with our maintenance services.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Solutions

Benefit from significant cost savings with our process design, installation, and start-up services.

Equipment Lines

We offer a remarkable selection of water treatment equipment lines that have set the industry standards for excellence:

A blue Ecosorb barrel connected to a fan and a blue gauge.


FloTrac is a groundbreaking chemical feed and monitoring system that redefines the way you manage chemicals in your industrial plant.

Equipment Rental

Our mobile DAF, SAF, and Breakpoint Chlorination equipment rental program is designed to offer immediate relief to the challenges you face, while we help you plan for a long term solution.

The Water Tech, Inc. Difference

Water Tech, Inc.’s process revolves around excellence and dedication. Our experienced team meticulously evaluates your water treatment requirements, recommending the best equipment tailored to your specific requirements and needs. With cutting-edge technologies, we optimize flow rates and water quality while minimizing energy consumption. Our commitment to sustainable solutions ensures that your water treatment processes are not just efficient but also environmentally responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water Tech, Inc. offers a wide array of cutting-edge equipment and transportation services designed to optimize your water treatment process, ensuring superior quality and energy efficiency.

Absolutely! Our chemical application equipment is versatile, catering to diverse applications, from drinking water systems to wastewater treatment plants, ensuring the highest water quality standards.

Our equipment stands out due to its superior quality, customization options, and energy-efficient design. We prioritize innovation and sustainability, ensuring our customers receive cutting-edge solutions that exceed industry standards.

Yes! We have our own dedicated fleet and drivers and a central location in Fort Smith, Arkansas, which allows us to offer swift and economical deliveries. 
Learn more about our Transportation Solutions.

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