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Achieve Operational Efficiency with Water Tech, Inc.'s Rapid Rental Program.

An Immediate, Cost-Effective Solution

At Water Tech, Inc., we understand that your water treatment plant can’t afford downtime. Our cutting-edge Rental Program is designed exclusively for water treatment plants like yours. Our trailer-mounted systems offer an immediate, cost-effective solution to various wastewater challenges, from unexpected equipment breakdowns to short-term production needs.

With Water Tech, Inc., you can avoid costly plant shutdowns and maintain compliance while maximizing operational efficiency.

Water Tech's portable rental water treatment pump system. There are five black pipes connected to blue metal pump seals. The entire system is sitting on a truck trailer.

Our Rental Programs

Water Tech, Inc. provides prompt, on-site deployment of our advanced systems. Our rental units come fully equipped with all necessary feed and control equipment, and if the unit is available, can be ready for installation within 48-72 hours of your notification. By choosing our Rental Program, you maintain compliance, avoid wastewater surcharges, and manage operating costs effectively. We offer trailer mounted DAF units, chemical make-up systems, skid mounted breakpoint chlorination units, and SAF units (coming soon) for your facility needs, along with experienced personnel to assist in the operation of these units in a time of crisis.

Our Rental Program is tailored for:

Trailers carrying Water Tech rental equipment. One trailer has two large white tanks and the other has one metal processing tank.

Unexpected Equipment Breakdown

Minimize downtime and production loss.

A piece of Water Tech rental equipment on a trailer. Some metal piping runs along the bottom and connects into a bright yellow pump head. There is another bright yellow box with dials in the center.

Routine Maintenance

Ensure continuous operation during maintenance activities.

A piece of Water Tech rental equipment. There is a large plastic tank and a short platform with yellow railings connected to two clear tubes. The system is on a trailer.

Short-Term Production Needs

Scale your capacity as per demand without heavy investments.

A piece of Water Tech rental equipment for wastewater treatment. A short piece of light blue pipe has a plastic gray tube sticking out of the top and connecting into the system above.


Explore our technology before committing to a capital investment.

A system of gray, orange, and black pumps and pipes with a Water Tech sticker on the control box.

Emergency Situations

Respond swiftly to plant upsets and side-stream reduction challenges.

A Valuable Investment for Your Facility

Water Tech, Inc. has the experience to provide a rental, necessary treatment chemistry, operator training, and on-site analysis of your plant’s specific needs. We will work with the manufacturer of your choice to validate projections and make an informed, hands-on decision for your capital investment.

Dissolved Air Flotation Expertise

Benefit from our specialized knowledge in DAF technology.

Prompt Delivery and Installation

Minimize downtime with our quick deployment services.

Customized Chemical Programs

Tailored solutions for your specific industrial wastewater treatment needs.

On-Site Operator Training

Ensure your staff is well-equipped to handle the system.

Ongoing Support

We’re here whenever you need assistance, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations.

Maintain Compliance for Wastewater Discharge

Our systems help you meet regulatory requirements, ensuring your plant stays compliant with discharge standards.

Total Cost of Operation Offers Economic Advantages

Water Tech, Inc.’s Rental Program is cost-effective, providing long-term savings compared to expensive capital investments.

Minimize or Avoid Expensive Wastewater Surcharges

By efficiently treating wastewater, you avoid hefty surcharges, contributing to significant cost savings for your plant.

On-Site Management of Operating Costs

Our experts handle the system, allowing you to focus on your core operations while we manage the complexities of wastewater treatment.

Water Tech or Plant Staffing Options

Choose from our skilled Water Tech professionals or utilize your plant staff, ensuring seamless operation of the system while catering to your specific staffing needs.

The Rental Process At a Glance

Get Started
Water Tech, Inc. will conduct an on-site assessment and develop a proposal tailored to your operations.
-Define your application needs.
-Survey site conditions, including water, power, space, and duration of rental.
-Evaluate wastewater to select chemical treatment requirements.
Recommend & Propose
We design a customized program optimized for performance and sludge production.
Delivery, Installation & Startup
We deliver, set up, and make the system operational to meet your expectations.
Operation & Support
Our team provides continuous service and support throughout the rental period.
Decommission & Return
After use, we shut down, clean, and reclaim the rental equipment without disrupting your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the unit is available, Water Tech, Inc. can install a rental unit within 48-72 hours of your notification, minimizing downtime.

We offer 24/7 support, as well as on-site operator training and customized chemical programs.

Yes, our systems are user-friendly and come with comprehensive training for your staff.

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