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Revolutionize Your Chemical Feed and Monitoring with FloTrac from Water Tech, Inc.

FloTrac system report for COD and BOD. A red line represents Effluent COD and an orange one represents Effluent BOD.

Transform Your Processes

FloTrac is a groundbreaking system that redefines the way you manage chemicals in your industrial plant. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions. FloTrac offers you unprecedented scalability, empowering your plant to maintain optimal chemical usage while ensuring strict compliance. Get ready to experience a new level of efficiency, control, and reporting that will transform your chemical management processes.

Modernize Your Chemical Management

FloTrac, the ultimate chemical feed and monitoring system, brings a tailored approach to your plant’s needs. With FloTrac, you gain access to:

Scalable Solutions

Tailor FloTrac to perfectly fit your plant’s unique requirements, whether you’re a small facility or an industrial giant. Enjoy efficient chemical usage and compliance at any scale, ensuring your chemical management adapts as your operations grow.

Comprehensive Reporting

Gain an invaluable advantage with FloTrac’s robust reporting capabilities. Access real-time insights on-site through an intuitive touch screen or remotely via our secure online customer portal. Make data-driven decisions and keep a watchful eye on your chemical management from anywhere, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Efficiency Optimization

Achieve substantial cost savings and reduce your environmental footprint with FloTrac’s precision. Optimize chemical usage to minimize waste, lower operational costs, and enhance your plant’s overall performance. Say goodbye to overuse and inefficiency, and hello to resource optimization.

Compliance Assurance

Trust in FloTrac to be your compliance ally. With regulatory standards constantly evolving, FloTrac ensures you stay ahead of the curve. Avoid costly penalties, downtime, and reputation damage by maintaining impeccable compliance records. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Real-Time Monitoring

Take control of your chemical management with FloTrac’s real-time monitoring capabilities. Monitor critical parameters and make immediate adjustments as conditions change. This proactive approach ensures stable operations, minimizes disruptions, and maximizes productivity.

User-Friendly Interface

Simplicity meets sophistication with FloTrac’s spacious touch screen. Your plant operators will appreciate its user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and access critical data. Reduce training time and increase operational efficiency effortlessly.

Remote Accessibility

Stay connected and in control with FloTrac’s remote accessibility. Access critical data and reports from anywhere via our secure online customer portal. Respond to emergencies, make adjustments, and oversee your chemical management on the go, giving you unmatched flexibility and peace of mind.

Continuous Optimization

Flexibility and adaptability are at the core of FloTrac. We work in tandem with your team to continuously optimize the system, ensuring it evolves with your changing plant conditions and regulatory requirements. Count on FloTrac to remain an ever-reliable partner in your chemical management journey.

How It Works

Our FloTrac system simplifies chemical feed and monitoring:

A diagram of the dissolved air flotation process on a Water Tech computer using FloTrac. The diagram has drawings of tanks and flow and pit level numbers.
A FloTrac diagram of a Plant Overview of the dissolved air flotation process. The diagram has graphics of EQ Tanks, Aerations Basins, and Water Tanks.


We work closely with your plant to understand your specific chemical needs and operational goals.

System Integration

FloTrac is seamlessly integrated into your plant’s processes, ensuring a smooth transition.

Real-time Monitoring

FloTrac provides real-time data and insights via a user-friendly touch screen, allowing your operators to make informed decisions.

Online Customer Portal

Access data and reports remotely through our secure online portal, giving you the flexibility to monitor and manage your chemical systems from anywhere.

Continuous Optimization

We work with your team to continuously optimize FloTrac to adapt to changing plant conditions and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, FloTrac’s scalability makes it suitable for plants of various sizes, ensuring efficient chemical management regardless of your facility’s scale.

FloTrac provides real-time monitoring and reporting, helping you maintain compliance with regulatory standards and avoid costly penalties.

Yes, you can access real-time data and reports through our secure online customer portal, giving you the flexibility to manage your chemical systems from anywhere.

Absolutely. FloTrac’s spacious touch-screen and intuitive interface make it user-friendly, ensuring ease of use for your plant operators.

Revolutionize Your Chemical Feed and Monitoring Processes

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