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Reliable Transportation Solutions

Delivering Peace of Mind

When time is of the essence, and reliability is non-negotiable, trust Water Tech, Inc. for your transportation needs and peace of mind. Our strategically central location in Fort Smith, Arkansas, grants us the unique advantage of swift and economical deliveries. 

At Water Tech, Inc., we understand the urgency that often accompanies your requirements. That’s why we’ve perfected the art of transportation, ensuring our superior products reach their destination precisely when you need them.

A shiny Water Tech transport truck driving on the freeway. The trees and grass are a blur and the truck is in perfect focus.

Our Capabilities

Our variety of transportation services ensures secure, efficient, and timely transportation customized to meet your company’s unique needs.

Versatile Dry Box Options

Our fleet includes dry boxes suitable for pail, drum, tote, bag, and pallet quantities, ensuring your products are transported securely and efficiently.

Specialized Tankers

Rely on our dedicated tankers for both liquid and dry bulk deliveries, tailored to meet the specific demands of your facility.

Hot Shot Services

For urgent deliveries that can’t wait, our hot shot services guarantee rapid transportation, ensuring your items reach their destination without delay.

Common Carrier Partnerships

At Water Tech, Inc., we don’t just stop at dedicated transportation. We also leverage strategic partnerships to provide a freight advantage to our valued customers. When it benefits you, it benefits us, driving our commitment to unparalleled service.

Dedicated Transportation Services

By partnering with Water Tech, Inc. for transportation services, you’ll benefit from the following:

Faster Emergency Responses

In emergencies and unpredictable events, our central location allows us to respond swiftly, ensuring your critical deliveries reach you promptly.

Dependable Dedicated Drivers

Experience unmatched dependability and superior customer service with our dedicated drivers, who prioritize the safe and timely delivery of your goods.

Direct Delivery Advantage

By owning our transportation fleet, we eliminate dependence on third parties, guaranteeing timely, accurate, and secure deliveries.

The Water Tech, Inc. Transportation Process

Order Placement and Evaluation:
When you place an order for transportation services with Water Tech, Inc., our expert team evaluates the specific requirements of your shipment. Whether it's pallet quantities, liquid bulk, dry bulk, or urgent hot shot deliveries, we assess the nature of the products and the urgency of the delivery.
Selection of Appropriate Transport Vehicle:
Based on the evaluation, we select the most suitable transport vehicle from our diverse fleet. For different types of products, we have specialized dry boxes for pail, drum, tote, bag, and pallet quantities. Additionally, our dedicated tankers are used for liquid and dry bulk deliveries, ensuring the safe transport of your goods.
Loading and Secure Packaging:
Our experienced team loads your products into the chosen transport vehicle with utmost care. Proper packaging and securing of the items are ensured to prevent any damage during transit. We understand the importance of secure packaging, especially for delicate or hazardous goods.
Swift and Direct Transportation:
Once loaded, our dedicated drivers take charge. Thanks to our central location in Fort Smith, Arkansas, we can swiftly navigate routes, ensuring your products reach their destination in the shortest possible time. Our drivers are well-trained, experienced, and committed to timely and safe deliveries.
On-going Tracking and Communication:
Throughout the journey, we maintain open lines of communication, keeping you informed about the progress of your delivery. This transparency ensures you are always in the loop, providing peace of mind regarding your products' location and estimated arrival time.
Timely Delivery and Unloading:
Upon reaching the destination, our drivers ensure the prompt unloading of your products. Whether it's at a water treatment plant, warehouse, or any other designated location, we handle the unloading process efficiently. Our goal is to ensure that your products are delivered safely and ready for immediate use.

Frequently Asked Questions

With our central location, dedicated drivers, and direct delivery advantage, we offer unmatched reliability and speed in transportation, ensuring your products reach you promptly and securely.

We specialize in transporting a wide range of products, including pails, drums, totes, bags, pallet quantities, liquid and dry bulk deliveries, and even urgent items through our hot shot services.

Through strategic partnerships and efficient logistics, we optimize our routes and resources, passing on the benefits to our customers and ensuring cost-effective and efficient transportation solutions.

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