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Ethanol & Corn Wet Milling Operations Products

A dirty metal ethanol tank with the Water Tech Incorporated logo on the front in blue and green letters. The address of the company is in blue underneath it.

Streamline Production & Enhance Your Productivity

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, downtime is not an option.

At Water Tech, Inc., we understand the critical importance of efficiency, safety, and reliability in ethanol and corn wet milling operations. We provide a suite of advanced products tailored specifically to streamline your processes and enhance your productivity. Our innovative solutions not only ensure cleaner equipment but also contribute to a safer working environment while optimizing production time.

Cutting-Edge Solutions to Tailored to Your Needs

Water Tech, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the unique demands of ethanol and corn wet milling operations. By investing in our innovative solutions, you’re not just enhancing your production; you’re securing your future in the industry.

Chemical Solutions for Co-Product Recovery

At Water Tech, Inc., our products aim to enhance corn oil and protein recovery, revolutionizing the conventional distillation process. By using our aqueous solutions and organic acids, you enhance energy conversion and reduce energy consumption significantly.

ScaleBreak – Clean In Place Solution (CIP)

Cleaner, safer, and faster CIP aid, reducing equipment downtime and hydro-blasting frequency.

– Cleaner: ScaleBreak© can be utilized for CIP of essentially any equipment traditionally cleaned with caustics, making it an ideal replacement for caustics.

– Safer: ScaleBreak is safer than caustics for your team, your equipment, and the environment, with no extreme hazards.

– Faster: ScaleBreak outperforms traditional caustic cleaning programs by reducing cleaning time and potentially eliminating the need for hydro-blasting.

– Increase Production Time: ScaleBreak’s low-foaming formula results in faster cleaning cycles that increase production time.

Before and after images of cleaning ethanol equipment. The before picture shows a piece of equipment clogged with brown pulp. The after pictures show the cleaned out holes.
A before and after picture of ethanol equipment. Before the round metal disk was brown, and after the gray metal can be seen.
Before and after pictures of cleaning ethanol equipment. The before picture is a brown haze and the after picture shows the clean gray sieve.

Anti-Foam Chemistry

Plant-specific anti-foam formulations for specific applications within ethanol and corn wet milling plants. Our chemical solutions keep surface foam, existing foam, and bubble walls under control in your industrial processes.

Deposit Control Chemistry

Building on our industry-leading ScaleBreak© technology, Water Tech has developed the first truly effective Deposit Control Agents for Ethanol Producers and Corn Wet Milling Operations. Working synergistically with ScaleBreak, our ScaleTrol products maintain clean heat transfer surfaces, and reduce the need for expensive mechanical cleaning.

Equipment for Co-Product Recovery

Our specialized equipment ensures precise and efficient application, even in hard-to-reach places. With Water Tech, Inc., your production costs decrease while your actual profits soar.

An ethanol tank on a trailer. The ethanol tank is scuffed and has caution signs on it. The Water Tech Incorporated logo is on the side in blue and green letters.

Portable CIP Skids

Portable CIP skids play a crucial role in ethanol production by facilitating efficient and automated cleaning processes.

– Time and Labor Savings: Mobile CIP systems save time and labor by eliminating the need for manual cleaning processes, improving overall efficiency.

– Consistent Cleaning: Portable CIP skids provide consistent and repeatable cleaning procedures, ensuring that equipment is thoroughly cleaned every time.

– Reduced Contamination Risks: Proper cleaning with CIP systems reduces the risk of cross-contamination, ensuring the quality and safety of ethanol products and co-products.

– Extended Equipment Life: Regular cleaning with ScaleBreak and ProBreak, facilitated by CIP skids, helps extend the life of industrial equipment by preventing the buildup of scales and other deposits.

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