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In the world of industrial processes, efficiency and reliability are paramount. We offer Boiler and Cooling services designed to protect your capital assets, streamline maintenance, and optimize operating costs. With our chemical treatments, equipment, and expertise, you can ensure reliable steam production, efficient heat transfer, and enhanced facility productivity.

Sustaining System Operation

Discover a comprehensive range of customized services to meet the unique needs of various industries. Water Tech, Inc. provides treatment programs, customized equipment packages, expert guidance, and more to keep your systems running efficiently. Whether you operate within institutional settings, food manufacturing, power generation, or heavy industry, we have services, and expertise to meet your facility’s unique requirements.  

Our offerings include: 

Capital Asset Protection

Our solutions safeguard your valuable equipment, extending equipment lifespan and reducing the risk of financial impacts of added maintenance or replacements. 

Cost-Effective Maintenance

By addressing the issues inherent to boiler and cooling systems, we empower you to significantly lower maintenance outlays while enhancing system longevity.

Optimized Steam Generation

Achieve high quality and optimized steam production by applying our tailored Boiler and Condensate water treatment solutions.

Efficient Heat Transfer

Keep your cooling and boiler water system equipment performing optimally, ensuring cost-effective operation.

Streamlined Operational Costs

Minimize maintenance overruns and maximize energy savings, leading to substantial cost savings and sustainability improvements.

Enhanced Productivity

Minimize downtime and maximize production, improving your facility’s overall efficiency.

The Water Tech, Inc. Approach

Our tried-and-true process begins with a thorough assessment of your specific requirements. Our experienced Account Managers work closely with you to develop a customized treatment plan, selecting the right products, equipment, and monitoring systems. From controllers and dosing pumps to tanks and dosing skids, we provide the tools necessary for success. Our experts ensure precise blending treatment options, packaging, and transport to your site. We monitor your systems to guarantee optimal performance and offer technical support whenever you need it.

Industrial strength white-plastic chemical storage tubs. Three tubs sit together. There is a bright red cap on the top with yellow tubing running out of it and into a digital system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water treatment addresses the critical success factors for your systems to protect assets, extend equipment life, and provide efficient operation. In both boiler and cooling systems, adequate treatment prevents corrosion and scaling potential. Additionally, microbial control is critical for cooling systems for the safe operation of the systems.  

Our services extend across a diverse spectrum of industries, encompassing institutional settings, food manufacturing, power generation, heavy industry, and more.

Simply contact us, and our experts will assess your needs, recommend a customized solution, and guide you through the process.

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