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About Water Tech, Inc.

Two Water Tech employees standing in front of the bright blue Mission and Vision board. The men are older and one is wearing a black water tech button down and the other a blue plaid.

Our Mission

Water Tech, Inc. is dedicated to solving our customers’ challenges through chemical solutions, application equipment, and dedicated service. As innovative leaders in our industry, we strive to outperform and increase value to our customers. 

Our Vision

At Water Tech, Inc., we have a clear vision for our future – to be the recognized leader in our industry. Achieving this vision means:

Delivering Sustainable Value

We are deeply committed to delivering sustainable value to our customers, ensuring that our solutions contribute to their long-term success.

Investing in Excellence

We invest in our people, technology, and resources to stay at the forefront of innovation and effectiveness.

Continuous Improvement

We continuously evaluate and refine everything we do, ensuring that our solutions are always improving and adapting to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Upholding Core Values

Our core values are the compass that guides our decisions and actions, and we are unwavering in our commitment to them.

Our Core Values

Core Values are the standards for our Water Tech, Inc. family, that is, what governs our decisions and behavior.

Customer Commitment

We continuously seek ways to exceed customer expectations and are focused on adding value and achieving results.


We are driven to provide the best product and service solutions.


We value honesty. It is the cornerstone of our foundation.


We work together, expect cooperation, and maintain communication between all colleagues.


We provide a safe working environment and expect all personnel to operate in a safe manner in all circumstances.


We treat others with respect while conducting business, both inside and outside of the company.


We set high expectations, holding ourselves accountable for results. We work with a strong sense of urgency and strive for flawless execution.


We empower our colleagues and encourage innovative thinking in the pursuit of constructive change.


We are fully committed to being good stewards of the environment.


Our History

Water Tech, Inc. has a rich history of providing full-service analytical and technical support for a variety of chemical, biological, and mechanical solutions. Since our founding in January 1990 by Ken Farris in Fort Smith, Arkansas, we’ve been dedicated to serving customers primarily in the Midwestern and Southeastern States as part of our broader North American growth strategy.

Our experience in the industry provides the backbone to apply cost-effective solutions to keep our customers in compliance. This dedication to reducing the total cost of operation and maintaining compliance has driven over a decade of positive sales growth and investment in the business.

Our core business initially centered around the domestic food processing industry, but our commitment to understanding our customers’ unique water quality and environmental challenges has enabled us to expand into diverse industries, including:

Sustainability Initiatives

At Water Tech, Inc., we recognize the environmental impact of water treatment plants and the waste generated in the water treatment industry. To mitigate this impact, we are committed to the following sustainability initiatives:

Environmentally Friendly

We offer environmentally friendly and less hazardous chemistry options, including biodegradable, non-toxic, and naturally derived products.

Partnerships for Sustainability

We partner with manufacturers that use renewable raw materials whenever possible and employ manufacturing processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances.

Green Initiatives

We actively participate in our customers’ green initiatives, helping reduce their business’s impact on the environment.

Operational Sustainability

We assist our customers in operating more sustainably by increasing their energy efficiencies, reducing by-products, and promoting water recovery and reuse.

Safety Tips

Prior to using any chemical, even if it is something you have worked with for years, it’s crucial to understand the hazards and how to work with it safely. Follow our safety tips below regarding our chemicals to keep everyone in your facility and consumers safe.

  • You can learn about chemical hazards by checking labels, reviewing Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS/SDS), consulting the manufacturer or distributor, and utilizing various resources like the internet, library, or experts.
  • Chemical labels provide information such as warning statements, first aid instructions, spill procedures, handling guidelines, HMIS ratings, and U.S. DOT information. MSDS/SDS documents contain detailed information about chemicals, including properties like flash point, autoignition temperature, and flammable limits, as well as instructions for handling and extinguishing fires.
  • You can seek clarification from the manufacturer, distributor, experts, or additional resources like reputable websites, library materials, industry publications, or teachers.
  • Physical hazards (flammability, reactivity) are usually on labels, while health hazards (toxicity) are found in MSDS/SDS. Toxicity refers to a substance’s harm-causing ability, while hazard considers the likelihood of harm under specific conditions.
  • Common routes of entry include skin contact, eye contact, inhalation, and ingestion.
  • To protect against skin contact, wear impervious gloves and protective clothing, and rinse the affected area with water for at least 15 minutes if exposed.
  • To avoid eye contact, wear safety goggles or a face shield and rinse the eyes immediately with water for at least 15 minutes if exposed.
  • If you inhale chemicals, increase ventilation, move to fresh air, and seek medical attention if symptoms persist. Use a respirator if needed.

A Trusted Partner for Over Three Decades

At Water Tech, Inc., we are more than a water treatment company; we are your trusted partner in addressing water and industrial wastewater treatment challenges. Our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and unwavering core values sets us apart in the industry.

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